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A.P. COMPUTERS INC. is your end to end communications solutions. Connecting iPhones, BlackBerry’s and smart phones to your business. Work from virtually anywhere with mobile phones configured to sync with your email. VoIP voicemail systems that enable you to set up your mobile as extensions on your office network.

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VoIP / Voicemail

Say goodbye to the high cost of conventional telecommunications systems and say hello to Voice-over IP. Make use of technology with which data and speech are transferred simultaneously and for which separate cabling is no longer necessary. The benefits speak for themselves. Vastly cheaper telephone charges. Save up to 80%, particularly beneficial in conjunction with one of our customised voice mail systems. See the value, 5 lines starting at $2.50 per month 1.1¢ per minute.


Stay connected and sound more professional with one of our customised voice mail packages.

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Custom greetings, Music & advertisements on hold, Automated attendant, Manage call flow, Call queuing.

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Listen to voice mail via the web, One touch access from your desk phone, Dial in remotely from any outside phone, Ring multiple extensions simultaneously, Free office to office calling, One click call transferring feature, and Conference calling.

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