Pay Per Click Advertising

Drive Relevant Traffic to your Website

The paid search landscape while powerful is also sometimes misunderstood. If you believe paid search will not work for you we challenge you to put our management services to the test. With processes that have been developed dating back to 2001, the A.P. COMPUTERS INC. team understands how to build winning pay per click campaigns.

The Paid Search Players

Google Adwords
Google Adwords logo

Not only does Google receive more than 80% of searches conducted, they also have the largest inventory of display advertising today. If you are getting started in paid search you begin your advertising with Google Adwords.

Yahoo! Search
Yahoo! logo

Yahoo! is known as the 2nd biggest player in the paid search market. We recommend employing Yahoo! SEM either to improve search engine exposure or when Google Adwords reach has been exhausted. Our own research shows that Yahoo! can be particularly effective in some industries more than others.

Bing logo

Microsoft’s search engine currently ranks 3rd in paid search exposure. A large paid search inventory is not why you want to advertise on Bing. Instead our research shows that Bing gives the best cost per lead / goal on average than any other search engine.

facebook logo

Facebook advertising is an excellent way to improve brand exposure and get visitors to your website affordably. This is because advertising is done using carefully chosen demographics found within user’s profiles. While cost per visitor is usually much less than traditional advertising the cost per lead is often higher.

Benefits of Paid Search Advertising

The A.P. COMPUTERS INC. team only recommends paid search services if the campaign is setup properly to measure clearly defined goals. These goals can be setup through a combination of the paid search interface and analytics programs like Google Analytics or Yahoo! Analytics. Here are some of the reasons to advertise using pay per click:

  • Advertising can be setup within minutes.
  • Geographically target your ads.
  • Determine the times to show ads each day
  • A/B testing of different ad copy.
  • Publish ads to millions of other websites through content networks.
  • Deliver ads to mobile devices.
  • Develop specific landing pages by product/service.
  • Determine maximum budget and per click fees per day.