Google Places

Google Places is one of the most impactful services that Google has released in making wholesale changes to the layout of their page – ever! Google estimates that 20% of all visits are local in nature. They have responded by launching a robust mapping tool which allows business owners to add their own business information. All in the name of giving Google users a better search experience.
Here is some more information about Google Places:

What is Google Places?

Google Places allows business to maintain and develop an online gateway by providing company information, hours, service/product categories, reviews, photos & video.

How does Google Places work?
google place page

Google Places pulls data from a variety of sources including your Google Places account, Google Maps, and various third party directories that aid in providing Google with better information about your local content. Ranking factors include:

  • Proper account setup/optimization
  • Local citations & reviews
  • Schedule your campaigns to send at a specific date and time.
  • Social mentions
  • A website that is SE optimized
Why You Need Google Places Optimization

The Google page is now experiencing complete convergence. A new term has been developed due to the rise of Google Places called ‘Blended Results’. Organic Optimization, Google Places and Paid Search have become very interrelated.

  • A strong SEO & Places Optimization campaign allows ‘blended’ results to appear more frequently.
  • Google Places maps can show within a Paid Search ad.
  • Paid Search ads can appear within Google Places/Maps.