If your business has more than one computer, chances are you could benefit from networking them. A local area network (LAN) connects your company’s computers, allowing them to share and exchange a variety of information. While one computer can be useful on its own, several networked computers can be much more useful. File sharing: Have you ever needed to access a file stored on another computer? A network makes it easy for everyone to access the same file and prevents people from accidentally creating different versions.

Printer sharing

If you use a computer, chances are you also use a printer. With a network, several computers can share the same printer. Although you might need a more expensive printer to handle the added workload, it’s still cheaper to use a network printer than to connect a separate printer to every computer in your office.

Communication and collaboration

It’s hard for people to work together if no one knows what anyone else is doing. A network allows employees to share files, view other people’s work, and exchange ideas more efficiently. In a larger office, you can use e-mail and instant messaging tools to communicate quickly and to store messages for future reference.


A WI-FI Network allows for much easier access compared to wired networks. You can move computers about without having to rewire or change settings. Notebooks become truly portable, allowing you access anywhere within the wireless range.


If you need to transfer a lot of data online wired networks are superior, as transferring speeds are noticeably higher. Wired networks are also more stable, by using cables instead of broadcasting the internet signal through the air.